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The husband had a little furniture store located on the 2nd floor in an indoor swap meet, which is located at 2700 N Broadway L.A. CA 90031. He tried to teach his wife and daughter the business. They did not liked it. When the owner of the snack bar downstairs offered it for sale, the wife convinced the husband to borrow the money to buy it.

This started it all. After about a year, she had to get to a bigger location and went to the corner of Broadway and Gates. In December 2008, they moved to 2603 N Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90031. Alfredo Rubio was in business selling birria estilo Jalisco and menudo Saturday Sunday and she continued serving it along with tortas.

Wendy's Tortas

Enjoy the most delicious Mexican food around. We are proud to serve you the freshest, highest quality Mexican dishes around.